The Week in Review (Expressed in Demi Lovato GIFs)

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If we had to pick one word to describe this week, we'd say… interesting. It wasn't all great, but it wasn't all terrible either, you know? If you haven't been able to keep up with all the 'interesting' happenings from the past seven days, we've got you covered with our Week in Review, presented to you in Demi Lovato GIFs:

Liam Payne got into some hot water after tweeting support for Duck Dynasty (which has been having its own controversies). People were NOT impressed.

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We learned that a Life-Size sequel is on the way. A serious shock for those who were obsessed with the 2000 TV movie starring Lindsay Lohan.

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After 12 years, Lance Bass released new music. Umm… cool?

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We caught up with Zac Efron, Michael B. Jordan and Miles Teller this week, tried to play it off like we weren't starstuck. Then our mouths opened, and we were just all like:

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The Wanted's going "on a break." We all know what that means…

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Justin Bieber has been the talk of the town, getting arrested for drunk driving and drag racing. Oh, and egging houses.

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ZOMG, the Vampire Academy lust charm scene. Is it getting hot in here?

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In other news, Kylie Jenner got a gun inked into her rib cage.


Oh, and did you see? The first Mockingjay teaser is here!


To cap everything off, Ellie Goulding will be on the Divergent soundtrack. Nice choice, guys!

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Demi Lovato totally has the best resolution for 2014…

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