The Week in Review (Expressed in Zac Efron GIFs)

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It's been a long week, friends — in a good way. Between the awards shows and nominations announcements, it's just been a little more difficult to keep up, you know? Thankfully, we have a way to keep all of the top news stories in check, courtesy of our Week in Review. Follow along as we break down the good, the bad and the WTF moments of the past seven days (with the help of Zac Efron GIFs!):

The proper way to begin any week — with a Joult smooch!

Tumblr (adriannaxoxomeow)

FOX execs confirmed that Glee will be set in NYC moving forward, which is great because we've been saying this to the original members of New Directions for some time:

Blogspot (romancereaders101)

Cringe! Willow and Jaden Smith got a little, umm… incestuous in their latest duet.

Tumblr (butlercat)

Lil Za was arrested twice in one day. Justin Bieber, what more proof do you need that this guy is a major tool? Come on now.

We Heart It

As for other JB buzz, he may be in the next Expendables movie. Umm…


ZOMG, news from the final book in the Mortal Instruments series is finally coming out!

Wikia (Glee)

Just when you thought he couldn't get any hotter, Chris Hemsworth announces that he's going to be a father again — to twins this time. Hottest. Dad. EVER.

Tumblr (top100hotties)

Jennifer Lawrence is up for an Oscar again. Oh yeahhhh.

Tumblr (zefron)

Selena Gomez is up for an award too, but a super-sucky one.

Miss Literati

And Robert Pattinson sold the home he shared with Kristen Stewart. Sad.

Tumblr (boyscrying)

Which of the hottest celebrities has the sexiest abs? Hmm…

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