The Week in Review (Expressed in Kendall Jenner GIFs)

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The past seven days were IN-sane. Seriously, how did we all make it through in one piece? Oy. ANYWAY, since so much went down, we plucked 10 of the top stories and placed 'em in one nifty Week in Review. Follow along for the biggest moments, with the help of Kendall Jenner.

So, there's been talk of a One Direction reality show. Even parents are freaking out about it!

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Lea Michele released "Cannonball," leaving us desperate for a good hug.

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In happier news, Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez reunited, proving that some celebrity bonds can never be broken. Ever.

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WTF? Directioners and Beliebers cyberbullied Lorde's boyfriend, saying he's 'ugly.' Not cool, people. Not cool.

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Big things are happening for Jennifer Lawrence — she was nominated for a SAG Award AND a Golden Globe! All other young actresses are probably thinking "I love her, but…"

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For some reason, people Photoshopped the heck out of the new Pretty Little Liars poster.

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AWESOMENESS ALERT! Skylar Astin is headed to Glee!

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Umm, Miley Cyrus is thinking of insuring her tongue. K…

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Party time! Taylor Swift celebrated her 24th birthday on the 13th.


But, let's be real here, nothing this week compared to Beyonce's surprise album drop. For real, Queen B single-handedly won the Internet, stole the show, ran the world — all at once.


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