The Week in Review (Expressed in Ryan Gosling GIFs)

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So many events tugged at our heartstrings this week (in both positive and negative ways). Our fangirl minds are all over the place at this point. To make sure you didn't miss a beat, we've rounded up 10 of the biggest stories from the past seven days to give you one nifty Week in Review. And this time, we've got Ryan Gosling to join in on the fun.

To kick everything off, Dylan Sprouse was involved in a nude photo scandal. We know what you're thinking — wow. Just… wow.

Tumblr (aliasvaughn)

We also learned that the Cyrus family started its own YouTube channel. Greeeaaattt.

Soda Head

Oh look, Katy Perry and John Mayer made a(n uncomfortable) music video together. Erh, we mean it was awesome. Yeah.

Perez Hilton

Kim Kardashian's under fire after "waxing" her baby's eyebrows.

We Heart It

But, fear not, world — our first look at The Fault in Our Stars is here!

Perez Hilton

In more bittersweet news, never-before-heard Cory Monteith music is tapped for release in 2014. Not sure how to process this information.

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Sad. Demi Lovato's not returning to The X Factor.


Umm, so Twilight's being sued for its racist & perverted nature. To say Twihards are fuming would be a severe understatement.


But at least the first Divergent movie clip was nothing short of freaking amazing. That FourTris kiss was EVERYTHING.

We Heart It

And Justin Bieber may be "retiring" soon, but at least BELIEVE's on its way.


Get this — when Ryan Gosling was a kid, he played Spin the Bottle with…

Young Ryan Gosling is '90s Cuteness Overload!