The Week in Review (Expressed in Jennifer Lawrence GIFs)

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After a brief hiatus — blame Thanksgiving, not us! — we're now back to presenting you with The Week in Review, as expressed in GIFs of one of your (and our) favorite celebrities. This time around, we're enlisting the help of… Jennifer Lawrence, who is officially the Queen of Tumblr. She is pretty much the most GIF-able celebrity human ever, so why not?

Britney Spears took in her 32nd birthday AND the release of her 8th studio album. Two Britney celebrations in one week? Yay!

Taylor Swift

After a bittersweet JoBro year, Joe Jonas came clean on some pretty dirty stuff…

Milk Bee

…to which Dylan Sprouse called "bull****" on. Burn.

WordPress (cookiesandsangria)

Did you hear? Rita Ora was cast in a very risque film.

Grizzly Bomb

Speaking of risque, have you seen Justin Bieber's "All That Matters" music video? 'Sexy' doesn't even begin to describe it.

Tumblr (teencelebgifs)

In other music news, we're bracing for Lucy Hale's fresh tunes. Bring it on!

Panda Whale

What we're not prepared for is the upcoming season of Teen Wolf. Just watch the latest trailer. You'll understand where we're coming from.


Oh yeah, Lorde's "Team" music video came out, too.

Pop Culture Perversion

And Taylor Swift talked about men some more.

Soda Head

But let's leave off on an amazing note. Katy Perry's been dubbed the new Goodwill Ambassador for UNICEF! God, she's amazing.


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