The Week in Review, Expressed in Zendaya GIFs

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Ever since news broke that Zendaya would NOT be portraying Aaliyah in the Lifetime movie biopic of the late singer, there's been a HUGE lack of the Shake It Up! star in headlines — and we're not having it! So, we're utilizing GIFs of the 17-year-old actress to bring you the latest edition of the Week in Review:

Not to brag (too much) or anything, but One Direction performed at MetLife Stadium this past Monday and Tuesday — and we were there for all the action!

Miss Literati

If Chloe Moretz's new boyfriend grows up to look anything like his dad, consider her the luckiest girl in the world.

Perez Hilton

Vampire Academy is pulling out all the stops to ensure the Frostbite sequel.

Miss Literati

Sorry, Nian fans — looks like Ian Somerhalder and Nikki Reed are more serious than we ever could've imagined.


In sad celeb couple news, Joe Jonas and longtime girlfriend Blanda Eggenschwiler have called it quits.

Tumblr (child-actor-gifs)

The Fault in Our Stars may've just hit theaters a few months back, but it's already getting a remake!


Jariana is dunzo — AGAIN.

Blogspot (fourcolorprincesses)

But don't feel too bad for Ariana Grande, looks like she's already got a new man.

Lipstick Alley

District 13 lives, Hunger Games fans!

Zendaya Music

And you thought the Selena Gomez boob job rumors were bad…

Tumblr (loadsofgifs)

FYI, Daniel Radcliffe's first rom-com is now in theaters! Though, we still can't over the naughty thing he revealed to us.


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