The Week in Review, As Expressed in Chris Colfer GIFs

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In case you missed the latest episode of Glee, let us just fill you in — Kurt got in a fight! As in, he got so beat up he ended up in the freaking hospital. WHA-?! If you didn't catch it live, don't pretend like we spoiled it for you; it was called "Bash" after all. Anyway, to pick up all of your Gleek-y spirits, we're using Chris Colfer GIFs in the latest edition of Week in Review.

Everything kicked off with a major bang as nude pictures of Demi Lovato, not to mention snapshots of her macking it with Wilmer Valderrama *cringe*, hit the Internet.

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Kristen Stewart changed up her locks, and we've gotta say it looks kinda amazing.

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How is Ed Sheeran so vocally perfect? Have you heard "Sing" yet??

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Smilers are pissed that Miley Cyrus canceled her recent concert 30 minutes before showtime. As much as it sucks, you gotta kind of feel for her — she had the flu for Pete's sake.

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So, Zac Efron has a new woman in his life, huh?

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You guys, there was a (mini) Wizards of Waverly Place reunion!

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We hear Chloe Moretz is in final talks to star in ANOTHER YA book turned movie.


Naya Rivera and Big Sean have called it quits. Although she seems beyond pissed right now, we know it'll get better for her… eventually.

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There's talk of an X-Men spin-off focusing on Jennifer Lawrence's character. O… M… G!


Anyone else think Girl Meets World looks ultra cheesy? Seeing Cory & Topanga as parents is totally weirding us out.

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In case you haven't heard, Glee's being cut short! Find out why here:

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