Play Our Celebrity Nail Art Guessing Game!

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These days, your nails can make just as much of a statement as any accessory! There are plenty of stars out there who agree with that statement, and go all out when it comes to their nail art.

Certain celebs REALLY get into it, with nail designs that look like they took HOURS to perfect. While some are super elaborate, others are just as cute — but not quite as intricate.

We thought we'd test your celebrity nail art knowledge, so we put together a little guessing game! Think you can correctly match the nail art to the celeb it belongs to put? Put on your thinking cap, tell us your guesses in the comments, and play the game below!

1. Which singer does disco ball-esque mani belong to?


2. This comedian takes her nail art pretty seriously!


3. These dagger nails are almost as fierce as the celeb they belong to!


4. We're not surprised this quirky actress would express herself via nail art. Can you guess who it is?


5. Whoa, we wonder how long this actress had to sit still to get this done!


In case you need another hint, all the above nail art belongs to one of these celebs shown below!


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