12 Celebrities Who Are Basically X-Men & Have Genetic Mutations

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Livejournal (cee-tallis)

Livejournal (cee-tallis)

ICYMI, the first trailer for X-Men: Days of Future Past has hit the Internet! That means you can see your favorite faux mutants back in action on the big screen, like, really soon. But before that time comes, we wanted to fill you in on a little secret: Celebrities can be mutants, too; real ones!

You know how Kate Bosworth‘s always praised for her two different-colored eyes? (One’s brown and one’s blue.) That’s an actual genetic mutation, which was actually brought up in X-Men: First Class, called heterochromia. And you know how Elizabeth Taylor — may she rest in peace — had double rows of eyelashes? That’s also a mutation, called distichiasis. Keep clicking for more celebrities that are basically like X-Men and have genetic anomalies: