10 Delish-Looking Cake Pops Based On Some of Our Fave Characters

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Move over, cupcakes! There’s a new dessert du jour in town and they are called cake pops. Sure, they’re mostly made of frosting, but that just might be what makes them mildly addicting. Adorable and bite-sized, we can’t get enough–especially when they’re decorated to look like the characters from some of our favorite series. Just don’t confuse them with these other foods that look like celebrities

Sesame Street
For these cake pops, we go back to our childhood. The detail is impeccable. Of course Cookie Monster needs his cookie!


These baby vampire cake pops manage to look killer and kinda cute, all in one go. I’m pretty sure half-vamp baby Renesmee doesn’t have red eyes or fangs, but knowing her growth rate, this awkward stage in her life probably lasted, like, two seconds.

Bee in our Bonnet

The Muppets
In honor of The Muppets movie, there’s the whole gang in cake pop form. They look so much like the characters (right down to Fozzie Bear’s chocolate hat!), I don’t think I could eat ’em without closing my eyes first.


Angry Birds
Just because it’s a game doesn’t mean they aren’t some of our fave characters! We’ll gobble up the pigs and, well, angry birds, NBD.

The Girl Who Ate Everything

The Lorax
Dr. Seuss would be proud of these Lorax and Truffala Tree confections, right down to the markings on the Truffula Tree lollipop sticks. He’d probably also like the fact that they are coated in sugar. Because we totally do.


Hello Kitty
Hello Kitty’s candy bow looks so delish, I wish I could wear it IRL…and then eat it. Nom nom.

Sweet Pops Shop

Beauty and the Beast
Because, you know, it would be fun to layer cake pops and put Belle’s head on her dress. Kind of like playing paper dolls, right? But edible, so infinitely better.


The whole gang’s represented in the cake pop version of the infamous comic strip, even Snoopy’s doghouse. Though we’re a little suspicious, because why does Lucy look so happy?

The Cake Bar

Despicable Me
The Minions are the best part of this movie, so obvs seeing them in cake pop form brings on the squeals.

Entirely Sweet

Harry Potter
I just want the Hedwig one. He has a little Gryffindor scarf and it’s so cute I can hardly stand it! Can you?


What do you think about these cake pops–do you wanna eat them all up? Which one looks the yummiest to you? Tell us in the comments!

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