Top 5 A-List Boys Blake Lively Should Date

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Although we’ve been hoping for a reunion between Blake Lively and costar Penn Badgley, it looks like the Gossip Girl beauty has set her sights on bigger (and by that we mean more famous), better (and by that we mean actual movie actors) things.

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Just in the last month, Blake’s been spotted with some of Hollywood’s hottest single(-ish) guys including Ryan Gosling and Leonardo DiCaprio. Both dudes are pretty dreamy, but we have our own ideas about who she should date.

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1. Jake Gyllenhaal. As we recently learned, Jake has a thing for 1) blondes 2) younger girls 3) people who like to drink lots of coffee. Blake satisfies all of these conditions.

2. Ryan Reynolds. From one hot blonde to another? Ryan and Blake are  starring in The Green Lantern together, both are newly single, and the Gossip Girl star has a history of hooking up with her castmates (see: Penn Badgley).

3. James Franco. He’s a little artsy, a little strange, but totally hot, and we can see him falling head over heels for a gorgeous girl like Blake. But who wouldn’t?

4. Zac Efron. He seems a little young for her, but they would make, like, the most gorgeous couple on Earth. Or at least in Hollywood.

5. Ed Westwick. She’s kissed him a gazillion times on-screen; might as well move that romance behind-the-scenes, too. Plus, he just signed on to a Clint Eastwood movie (!).

Who do you think she should date? Tell us in comments!