10 Female Celebrities Who Have Their Very Own Makeup Line

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It’s no secret that we are OBSESSED with all things makeup, skincare and beauty. We are always on the search for the craziest trends, best hacks and DIY alternatives, which means that when we heard that our queen Rihanna was launching her own cosmetics line, we IMMEDIATELY started saving our pennies. Fenty Beauty drops tomorrow, September 8, and we are pumped.

Although Rihanna is definitely not the first celebrity to create her own makeup line, we are so excited because of how inclusive the brand is shaping up to be. There are reportedly over 40 shades of foundation alone, which means that a wide variety of people with a wide variety of skin tones will be able to find a perfect match. Makeup is something that should be enjoyed by everyone, and it is amazing that Rihanna, a Woman of Color, is using her star status to make a brand that has products for all.

While RiRi’s makeup collection is what’s currently on our minds, there have been a TON of celebs, including YouTubers, who dropped their own in the past. Going into the beauty industry can totally change someone’s career for the better, it’s also pretty risky. Kylie Jenner is often at the center of a controversy ever since she launched Kylie Cosmetics, especially after she got a failing rating from the Better Business Bureau was called out for copying other brands.

In honor of the big debut of Fenty Beauty, we rounded up all of the A-list celebs who have a makeup line of their very own. We’re not talking about collaborations, people — we mean they have their very own beauty BRAND. Like, serious ish! You may be surprised; we had no idea that some of these stars were the brains behind our favorites!