5 Celeb Photoshop Fails We’re Still Not Over

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It’s become clear (especially lately!) that people are getting pretty tired of every single celeb being airbrushed to “perfection” on magazine covers and in ads. We need to put an end to this, guys! And while some Photoshop jobs haven’t been so noticeable, these are Photoshop Fails in every sense of the word…

Demi Lovato‘s recent Cosmopolitan cover looks fab, but there’s been a lot of controversy over a chunk of her waist being pretty much gone-zo. After her battle with body issues and struggles with depression (which she talks about in the issue!), people aren’t too happy about the edits.


Something’s wrong here… Oh yeah — Emma Watson seems to be missing a leg. We’re not sure if it got wrapped up around this dude’s back (who just so happens to be her bro, Alex!) or if she’s been keeping her one-legged secret from us for all these years. Either way, it sure doesn’t make us want to buy Burberry.


Like Emma, Kristen Stewart is missing something equally as important on her Glamour cover — an arm. It just kind of disappears. We’re thinking it probably joined all of the other missing limbs in #PhotoshopProbz land.


How crazy is the difference between this unedited photo and the Photoshopped version of Kim Kardashian? The original was accidentally posted on Complex.com before they put up the much more polished one. Even Kim blogged about the mishap, saying, “So what: I have a little cellulite.”

Looks like Oops! magazine lives up to their name! Their Taylor Swift cover looks absolutely ridic and we are legit terrified of it. We’re sure all of the teens in Russia were literally running away from the mag stands.


What do you think of these Photoshop fails? Any other biggies we missed?

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