12 Movie Stars Whose Kids are TOTALLY Unimpressed by Their Fame

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We’re not going to lie… it can be kind of tough to be a Hollywood celebrity with young kids. Just as any other parent, their first concern is to protect their children from any outside danger. Of course, this is much harder to do in Tinseltown, especially if you’re one of the most sought-after actors or actresses in show business.

In fact, many celebrity parents often complain about pesky paparazzi following them around when they’re just trying to spend time with their children. And even though they’re often portrayed in a negative light when they tell photographers off for invading their space, all they really want is for their children to be safe. And really, who could blame them?

But regardless of all of the difficulties that come along with being a celeb parent, or the child of a celebrity for that matter, it kind of seems like it would be completely amazing to be the kid of someone talented, creative, and not to mention, famous! Surprisingly, though, no matter how action-packed or enchanting their parents’ film may be, many kids of Hollywood movie stars don’t really care too much about what their ‘rents do at work. And even though the chances are pretty high that some of their classmates will dress up on Halloween as a character their mom or dad played, they still remain unimpressed.

How do we know? Celebrities aren’t afraid to let the world know that their children DGAF about their career! And even though it saddens us that kids of Hollywood actors and actresses just don’t realize how cool their parents are most of the time, the truth is, they’ll always have us, the fans, to tweet them about how amazing they are. Wondering who these kids are? Check out our list of movie stars whose kids are totally unfazed by their famous parents: