13 Pairs of Celebrity Friends Whose Kids Are Besties, Too

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There’s a reason why the rich and famous tend to date and make friends with other rich and famous people — wouldn’t you? When you’re so deep in the public eye that you can’t step outside without paparazzi following your every move, it must be hard to relate to ~normal~ humans. Some celebs do hold onto their friends from childhood and others even manage to connect with people out of the spotlight later in life, but it’s rare.

Why else do you think Taylor Swift has a girl squad filled with famous models, actresses, and musicians at her side? Gigi Hadid and Selena Gomez can meet her on her A-list level in a way that — unfortunately — the rest of us just can’t.

So what happens when you’re not a celebrity yourself, but your parents are? It’d definitely be hard to relate to the girl sitting next to you in class if your mom was Britney Spears and hers had a corporate job. That’s why it doesn’t surprise anyone when the children of our fave Hollywood BFFs hang out. Now it’s just a waiting game to see if their friendships last as long as their parents’ have!