Good Thing They Quit Their Day Jobs!

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We are so excited about The L.A. Complex, the new show on The CW about hot young performers struggling to make it big in Hollywood. (As a bonus, all you Degrassi fans will be happy to see Cassie Steele’s familiar face!) Now the whole struggling-artist thing got us thinking — what did the biggest names in Hollywood do before they struck it big? Keep reading to find out what your fave celebrities did before they got their big break!

Cory Monteith
Considering he plays a super-popular HS football player with all the girls fawning over him on Glee, can you believe he used to be a greeter at Wal-Mart? And a taxi driver? And a school bus driver, too??

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Carrie Underwood
Before she was digging her keys into “pretty little supped-up 4 wheel drive” cars, she was filling them up – as a gas station attendant!


Miley Cyrus
If MiCy didn’t become a household name at 14, she probably could’ve made it big in the plumbing industry… since she used to be a toilet-scrubber!


Gwen Stefani
There’s ‘no doubt’ (haha, so cheesy) in our minds that Gwenny made a good call quitting her first job. She was a floor-mopper at Dairy Queen!


Jennifer Hudson & P!nk
Imagine walking into a Burger King or McDonald’s and being served by one of these fine singers. No disrespect to those in the fast food industry, but we’re happy these ladies found refuge in their current careers.

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Which of these jobs is the most embarrassing? What was your first job? And are you excited to see The L.A. Complex? Don’t forget to tune in tonight on The CW 9/8c.

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