12 Celebrities Who Insured Their Greatest Assets — Their Body Parts

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Tumblr (teendotcom)

Tumblr (teendotcom)

By now, we’re sure you’ve been (im)properly introduced to Miley Cyrus‘ tongue; it’s just always… out there. But did you know it may be worth big bucks? Apparently, the buzz going around is that the “We Can’t Stop” singer has insured her licker for a whopping $1 million: “Miley’s totally aware of how her tongue is getting more headlines than she is, and getting it insured is just part of her trademarked image.”

Pretty bizarre, right? Maybe not. If the rumors are true, Miley’s actually in good company. She’d be just like Gene Simmons from KISS, who insured his tongue, as well as these 12 celebrities: