11 Celebrities Who Got Into Serious Car Accidents… and Then Drove Away!

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LBH, some celebrities just aren’t meant to drive. If singing, acting or dancing is their talent, then they should just stick to it. It’s one thing to get a ticket for a speeding violation — which many do get — but causing accidents on the road is another story. Seriously, we don’t know how some of these people got a driver’s license to begin with. And considering that the minimum age in California to obtain a license is so low, we’re honestly not surprised that some of Hollywood’s most famous young people get involved in car accidents.

Regardless of age, there’s a disturbing amount of stars who have been involved in some nasty hit-and-runs. We get it, celebrities are busy and all. But if they injure another car (or person) while on the road, they should at least have the decency to quickly exchange info with the person on the receiving end of their reckless driving. Fortunately, not all have accidentally killed someone in the process of their vehicular mishaps, like Caitlyn Jenner. Nevertheless, check out the couple handfuls of stars who knowingly fled from the scene after causing damage in their cars: