10 Celebrities We Would 100% Trust to Protect Us in Real Life

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FYI, you can see Jake Johnson and Damon Wayans Jr. in the new movie Let’s Be Cops, about a couple of guys pretending to be cops, in theaters now. You obviously wouldn’t trust them to protect you from danger. Just like I wouldn’t trust Jake and Damon to make good decisions in their careers after this movie. Because really, guys? This? You disappoint me so.

But enough about how sucky this movie is going to be. Let’s talk more about people pretending to be cops. Specifically, celebrities pretending to be cops. And I don’t mean playing them on TV. I mean if a bunch of celebrities decided to don the uniform and ride around in a patrol car for a day, who do you think would be able protect you from harm and fight crime like a pro? There are quite a few celebrities who have excellent track records for being heroes and/or good Samaritans. Here are just ten stars we’d trust to protect us:

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