Quiz: Which Drastic Celebrity Haircut Do You Need to Copy?

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Instagram (@lilyjcollins) / (@kyliejenner) / (@haileesteinfeld) / (@ddlovato)

Instagram (@lilyjcollins) / (@kyliejenner) / (@haileesteinfeld) / (@ddlovato)

When you’re ready for a big hair change, the biggest deal is actually choosing WHAT exactly it is that you plan to do to it. Deciding which one will satisfy your need for change but still won’t make you look like a wild banshee is key. That’s where super-stylish celebrities come in; with their unlimited funds to spend on looking good, you can always count on them to make the most inspiring and fashionable hair choices. So, if you’ve got copying a drastic celebrity haircut in mind, take our quiz to find out WHICH one should be your inspiration!