Hot Pics: Kellan, Kim, Katy & More Hit the Gym — and Inspire Us To Stay Fit!

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Unlike our New Year’s resolution to become the future wife of Justin Bieber, (don’t lie, you’ve made that promise to yourself, too), here’s one resolution that we know some people (aka the rich, famous, and genetically blessed) can actually keep in 2011 — working out and staying fit.

We gathered tons of pics of our favorite in-shape celebs going to and from their workouts, looking oh-so-cute in leggings and sneaks that we can’t help but motivate ourselves to wanna work out, too! If not for the health benefits, than at least for the cute new workout wardrobe we’d get to buy, right?

From Kellan Lutz‘s diligent jogs to Kim Kardashian‘s sessions with a trainer, check out these hot pics of celebs working out!

What’s your favorite workout? What’s your resolution for 2011? Share below!