7 Pics of Celebs Carrying Their Girlfriends

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So here’s the thing. We are totally capable of walking by ourselves and, in fact, it kinda gets annoying when someone assumes that we can’t take care of ourselves just because we’re female. But sometimes, you gotta admit, your feet just get tired and you want someone to give you a lift. Piggyback rides aren’t just for preschoolers! Here’s some girls who obviously feel the same way–and their boyfriends are happy to oblige…

Chord Overstreet Carrying Emma Roberts
When Chord picked up Emma at Coachella last weekend with the ease of a very, very well-toned man, we all got the hint that this adorable duo is back together again, matching aviators and all. Chord’s just carrying his boo, NBD.

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Justin Bieber Carrying Selena Gomez
Against all our preconceived notions of his upper body strength, Justin Bieber lifts Selena Gomez’s entire body while traipsing in the ocean. Then, upon realizing the possibilities of his new-found musculature, they make out. Typical.

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Austin Butler Carrying Vanessa Hudgens
Wowza! The ab muscles on V’s new boyf are crazy ripped and it looks like his arm muscles aren’t too shabby either. Vanessa looks happy. We can imagine.

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Channing Tatum Carrying Jenna Dewan
Okay, so Channing and Jenna are currently married and they weren’t exactly dating when Step Up was filmed, but we just can’t bear to leave this one out. He carries her they dance and fall in love. See? Magic.


Scott Disick Carrying Kourtney Kardashian
Maybe nobody really likes Kourtney’s baby daddy, but she must, right? Scott literally swept his tiny GF off her feet, just like in the movies. Too bad otherwise he’s not even a little romantic.

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Liam Hemsworth Carrying Miley Cyrus
How’s this for epic? Doing your homework and watching Gossip Girl ain’t got anything on a movie kiss, coupled with a sweeping lift by your IRL man. Um, that’s what we call multitasking.

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Robert Pattinson Carrying Kirsten Stewart
In Twilight, Edward carries Bella ALL THE TIME. In the forest. On their honeymoon. Whenever they’re running away from people. Since R-Patz is K-Stew’s real-life squeeze, it means he carries his girlfriend all the time too. So if you get tired, Rob, you know where to find us.

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Which of these dudes would you most want to give you a piggyback ride? Do you let your boyfriend carry you around like this?

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