8 Pairs of Celebrity Frenemies Who are Constantly Dissing Each Other

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There are some celebs who are better known for their drama than for their talent. Seriously, is Kanye West a 38-year-old rapper or a high school gossip queen? At this point, he’s dissed just about everyone, so the slams aren’t even surprising anymore. It’s also not at all shocking when celebs publicly diss their exes — don’t we all dream of becoming stars and casually throwing shade at our life-ruining ex-BFs? For the most part, we’re totally used to stars taking stabs each other. After all, it’s a competitive industry, and nobody expects that everyone to get along.

What does make us gasp (cringe, scream, cry…) is when celebs who are supposed to be total BFFs completely trash each other! Sometimes they do it subtly, and sometimes they go totally over-the-top, as if they’re trying to ruin the other’s career. Seems crazy, right? But then again, don’t we all have a few frenemies of our own — people who call themselves our friends, but sometimes try to tear us down out of jealousy or anger? Maybe we all, celebrities included, need to chill out and reevaluate our friendships. Scroll through to find out what made these celebrity frenemies clap back at each other: