Poll: Which Hollywood Frenemies Should Just Make Up Already?

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With all the recent throwdowns between Jersey Shore‘s Sammi Sweetheart, Snooki, and new castmate Deena Nicole, we were beginning to wonder if the girls could ever become friendly again, or at the very least, become frenemies.

And they’re not the only celebs that need a major time-out…

If you’ve ever seen You Again, the funny movie with Kristen Bell (it comes out on DVD February 8, 2011!), you know just how crazy things can get between frenemies. But after so much catty one-upping and fighting each other, when’s it time for two old pals to finally call a truce?

Check out the Hollywood Frenemies We Wish Would Throw in the Towel.

If you saw last night’s ep of Jersey Shore, you know Sammi finally made up with Snooki and Deena, but things are still on the rocks between her and J-Woww.

We hope the whole crew can be friends again soon, but in the meantime, check out some of Hollywood’s most recent frenemy situations and then take our poll to let us know who you wish would just make up already.