Celebrity Portraits of Taylor Lautner, Kim Kardashian and More that Are Made Out of Food

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We got all sorts of hungry the first time we wrote a post about food shaped like celebrities, and that happened all over again when we put together this one we’re about to show you. But instead of just giving you pics of pancakes, meats and cakes inspired by celebs, here are portraits made out of food that look just like Taylor Lautner, Kim Kardashian and even Jedward. Don’tcha wish you could take one of these to your July 4th BBQ?

And a special shout out to JasonMecier.com for most of these pics. These portraits are delish-looking!

Justin Bieber
Who woulda thought The Biebs could get even more yummy? Here he is as cream cheese. Yup. Still cute.


Taylor Lautner
We’ll take Taylor anyway we can get him… werewolf? Obvs. Made out of Red Vines? Even better.


Taylor Swift
This is our girl Taylor made out of yummy Good ‘N Plenties. Can you imagine how long this took to make?!


Kim Kardashian
Is it possible that Kim K. looks glamorous even when she’s made out of licorice? We think she makes Red Vines look hot.


This portrait of our president might be the most impressive. Can you imagine organizing all those pieces of cereal into his face? Nope. We can’t either.


Christina Aguilera
We get a sugar high just looking at this! We’re loving diva Christina made out of every candy imaginable.


Haha, look at Jedward as chive dip and cheese. Yes, we’d like to serve this at our next party, thankyouverymuch.


Harry Potter
This is all kinds of magical. And it brings us back to the days when Dan Rad first played the boy wizard. Double yum!


Which food portrait is the most impressive? Which celebrity would you wanna make food art out of?

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