Celebs’ Biggest (and Strangest?) Phobias

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Here’s one more way celebrities are just like us! They’re completely terrified of spiders and the thought of snakes freaks them out. But sometimes they are scared of things that most of us find adorable — we’re looking at you, KStew!  Check out what your fave stars find truly icky.

Daniel Radcliffe — Clowns

Admittedly, clowns can be kinda freaky. But even Harry Potter has something that makes him act wimpy. Hey. Those red, floppy shoes are pretty terrifying.


Britney Spears — Reptiles
Actually, we kinda agree with this one. Snakes can be slimy and sneaky. But Brit is scared of more than just snakes — she is particularly grossed out by Komodo dragons. So how the heck did she manage to hold one during those epic performances of “Slave 4 U?” Beats us.


Justin Timberlake — Spiders
This is another one we can get behind… spiders are disgusting. Period. But normally we can let them do their thing as long as they don’t crawl near us. JT, on the other hand, will flip his lid if he sees spiders. And we, coincidentally, would flip our lid if we saw JT! Funny how things work out.

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Kristen Stewart — Horses
Nobody can deny that ponies are all kinds of cute. But we understand if you’ve been thrown by a horse, you’d find them considerably less adorbs. For Kristen’s new movie Snow White and the Huntsman, she had to overcome her fear of horses that she’d had since she was injured riding one when she was little. And we guess that’s why she and Rob Pattinson are the perfect couple — he’s got a fear of horsies, too!

Kristen Stewart on a Horse in Snow White and the Huntsman


Hilary Duff — Dirt
The new mom has admitted in the past that she’s super afraid of dirt. In fact, she can’t go to sleep at night without completely wiping down her bedroom. Um, OCD much?!

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Which of these phobias is the weirdest? What are you absolutely terrified of?

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