7 Pairs of Stars That Were Fans of Each Other Before They Became Close Friends

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How many times have you fantasized about casually hanging out with your favorite celebrities? And don’t even think about denying it because it’s something we’ve all done more than we’d like to admit to. In fact, we could name the top five stars we think we’d get along best with off the top of our heads right this second, and we bet you could, too. Whether you want to be in Taylor Swift‘s next music video as the newest member of her girl gang or you always saw yourself slaying at Coachella with Bella Thorne or Vanessa Hudgens — or both — you shouldn’t let anyone tell you to give up hope! As crazy as it may seem, these things do actually happen, and just because they’re rare doesn’t make them impossible.

So keep dreaming — and we don’t mean that in a sarcastic way. Keep updating that 5 Seconds of Summer fan account and blasting those Halsey albums. You guys just might sit around laughing about your obsessions one day. The celebs we’ve rounded up below are living proof that going from fandoms to friendships is 100% within reach, not to mention proof that everyone fangirls at some point — even Harry Styles isn’t immune!

Just don’t get so caught up in wishing you had Alissa Violet‘s name in your contact list that you forget about the phone numbers that are already on there. Friendships off the red carpet can be just as good, if not better, as friendships on. Plus, you never know where that girl you chat with in your American history class is going to end up in the next five years. Adele, Jessie J, Leona Lewis, and Amy Winehouse did all go to the same high school, after all. All stars gotta start somewhere — and while being fans and then friends would be pretty cool, being friends with celebs before anyone is a fan yet sounds like a step up to us… but we digress. Back to our OG point, here are seven pairs of stars that were fans of each other before they became close friends: