9 Celebrities That Were Physically Assaulted by Crazed Fans

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Whether you’re a devoted One Direction fan girl (Zayn Malik, who?), a diehard Selenator or whatever celebrity fandom it is that you choose to idolize in obsessive dedicated amounts, you should def be aware of that really thin line that exists between “fan” and “fanatic.” When you cross that line, you automatically fall into the realm of followers that have gone way too far. Take the celebrities, for example, that were attacked during their concerts by overeager audience members. Note: This is one surefire way to get blacklisted by your all-time favorite celeb.

As if it’s not bad enough for singers to be attacked while they’re just tryin’ to do their thang, there are a bunch of instances where our fave stars were violated when they were just going about their regular days. Kylie Jenner, who just last month had her head yanked back by a hair-pulling fan, had yet another physical fan encounter this week. And she’s not alone either, The reality TV starlet joins the ranks of eight other celebs left shaken up thanks to fans that had to take things WAY too far.

1. Kylie Jenner — The 18 year old Keeping Up With The Kardashians star hardly had any time to get over the violent attack she suffered from a fan who decided to take a pull from her green-haired head last month before she was assaulted yet again. Kylie took to Snapchat the other day to vent about her frustration after being forced back into the car thanks to a fan who couldn’t let the girl be.


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2. Harry Styles — Harry, sporting his effortlessly cool white tee and scruffy hair look, waved to fans while exiting a building on a fine spring day back in 2013. One fan, who clearly lost all chill, could not handle the Harry hotness and sprang at the “Perfect” singer, going in for the ultimate hug. Harry, who was visibly frazzled by the whole encounter, still managed to give one final wave to fans before hopping in his car and most likely telling his driver to book it stat.

3. Selena Gomez — Being one of Hollywood’s A-Listers has its perks we’re sure, but it’s a high price to pay. The “Same Old Love” singer literally can’t go anywhere with out swarms of people freaking the eff out over her. After leaving the Louis Vuitton runway show during Paris Fashion Week 2013, Selena caught herself in a mosh pit of fans. At several points in the video, fans are visibly touching SelGo, caressing her hair and flat-out shoving the former Disney Channel star. Hello, claustrophobia!

4. Justin Bieber — Justin Bieber has been caught under fire on several times for lashing out at paparazzi and even fans, but the 23 year old has also been the victim of attacks where he was completely caught off guard. While out in a Canadian nightclub in 2013, the then-19-year-old singer was brutally attacked when a man charged at him guns a blazin’. Before being pulled away by bouncers, his attacker managed to get a hold of JB’s shirt. We’re not saying that Justin is always a saint, but he shouldn’t have to experience violent outbursts like this one.

5. Rihanna — Rih was all smiles while met by screaming fans in Paris, and somehow didn’t lose her cool when one got a little too handsy. Even though the young man was held back by a bouncer, he still got a hold of the Barbados beauty’s shoulder and quite nearly copped a feel on the girls.

6. Will Smith — While Will was at the Moscow premiere of Men in Black III, a crazed TV personality lost all understanding of personal space. As he was warmly greeted by the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air actor, the interviewer proceeded to test his luck and go in for a smooch. Will was not having any of it and quickly pushed him away. Talk about catlike reflexes!

7. America Ferrara — That notorious reporter didn’t stop at Will Smith; Sediuk, who clearly has a problem understanding the whole concept of violating someone’s privacy, also assaulted the Ugly Betty actress in 2014. The sleaze ball decided to take things to the next level and jump under America’s skirt. The look of disgust on the actresses face clearly says it all:

8. Brad Pitt — Right around the same time that America fell victim to Sediuk’s attacks, Brad Pitt also joined her ranks. While the 51-year-old actor was signing autographs during a red-carpet event for Maleficent, he was struck by the man. Thankfully, the notorious a-hole was handcuffed and escorted away by police. Sooo… Petition to get this guy banned from red carpets or what?

9. Leona Lewis — In 2009, some low life thought it was a great idea to attend an autograph signing where he greeted Leona with hard-hitting punch. Thankfully, the “Bleeding Love” singer didn’t suffer from any serious medical injuries after the altercation, and we sincerely hope that she never has to experience another crazed fan attack again.

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