8 Celebrity Feuds That Were Reignited Long After You Thought They Were Done

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Celebrity feuding is pretty much inevitable in Hollywood. Come on, just try to think of ONE big-time star who was able to avoid that stupid drama all together. Heck, even Disney sweethearts like Dove Cameron and Zendaya have found themselves putting someone on the chopping block at one point or another. Some famous peeps are more prone to this type of drama than others (Demi Lovato and Justin Bieber find themselves dissing someone, like, every other week), whereas others do their best to squash the beef just as quickly as it gets stirred up.

We’ve seen a lot of stars come back from a fight as BFFs, like Luke Hemmings and Michael Clifford, or Ian Harding and Troian Bellisario. But sometimes even after you think the drama is dunzo, it returns in full force — which is exactly what happened in the case of the eight celebrity feuds below: