9 Pairs of Real-Life Family Members Who Played Love Interests on Camera

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YEP — you read that title right. There are, in fact, real-life celebrity family members who’ve played lovers on screen. While most of us are thinking, “who would ever agree to do that?!” (similar to what Lilly Allen actually said when she was offered a part on Game of Thrones that included a fondling scene with her real-life brother), the whole concept is far from unheard of in Hollywood — Even High School Musical features some incest(ish), as Ryan and Sharpay are insinuated to have played the leads in Romeo and Juliet!

While obvs the fictional brother-sister duo aren’t going to be included here, there are several actual famous siblings, cousins and even one parent-child pair (yack) who turned their familial-connection upside down to be romantic interests on screen!