7 Stars Who Definitely Regret Their WTF Eye Makeup

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Flawless eye makeup is the ultimate beauty goal. Even with the help of a pro makeup artist, it can be almost impossible — or, at least very, very frustrating. Help is out there: YouTube and Pinterest come in clutch with tips and hacks, whether you’ve got blue eyes, brown or green. And we can always study celebs like Lucy Hale and Selena Gomez, both of whom are known for their perfect red-carpet makeup. But even with plenty of advice and inspiration in your back pocket, the process is pretty complicated.

So we all agree: applying eye makeup is no easy task. But that’s no excuse for some of the ridiculous looks some of our favorite stars have debuted at major Hollywood events. Neon eye shadow, caked-on black liner… Some of these are legitimately embarrassing. At least they’ll make you feel better about your own eye makeup, even if your liner’s a little uneven. See for yourself: