7 Former Celebrity Couples That Feuded Hardcore on Social Media

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They were the Instagram comments seen around the world — After being broken up for almost a year (well, depending on which breakup you count), Selena Gomez finally decided to publicly call her ex Justin Bieber out for threatening to delete his Instagram because his fans were hating on his rumored girlfriend. Kay. But just because Jelena’s latest drama ended with the “Hands to Myself” singer taking back her savage comments, not all former celebrity couples’ online battles conclude on the same note.

Just because they’re stars and usually preach about keeping their personal lives private doesn’t mean the tendency to be petty never becomes overwhelming. Think about it — you’ve probably sent a few sub-tweets in your life, especially about an ex, and stars have totally done the same thing. But then there are those who take after JB and Sel and completely go at it online, not caring about keeping to themselves in order to prevent making headlines.