9 Musicians That Put Their Celebrity Ex’s Lookalike in a Music Video

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There’s a reason why people say Breaking up is hard to do, and that applies to celebrities, too. There are inevitable awkward run-ins and underhanded social media comments, plus there’s always potential for a post-split diss track. If you truly want to d-r-a-g your famous ex-bae, however, it seems the thing to do is call ’em out in a music video (or during a live performance).

One of the most fun ways to get music-video-vengeance against an old lover (for us! not for the ex OBVS) is when the musician finds a lookalike of their former flame and casts them in a vid. Justin Timberlake‘s savage “Cry Me a River” may be the most iconic example of this — but a lot of other stars have now done the same, too.