5 Guys Who Vanished After Dating Celebs

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Most dudes think that dating an A-list lady is their ticket out of obscurity and into the limelight — permanently. And while that dream has come true for some guys, like Jennifer Lopez‘s new boytoy, Casper Smart, these five fellas seemed to drop off the planet after splitting from their famous GFs.

Toby Hemingway (Taylor Swift‘s Ex)
Toby and Tay had a fling after starring in her music video for “Mine,” but since then we haven’t heard anything from the super-cute Brit boy. Apparently, he’s been busy turning into Clay Aiken?

Justin Gaston (Miley Cyrus‘s Ex)
I was a big fan of Justin (I mean, can he get any hotter — I’m even willing to overlook those lame necklaces!), but he seemed to evaporate into thin air after Miz Miley dumped him for Liam Hemsworth. I secretly wish he’d date another A-lister or launch a career of his own, just so I can look at him on the regular. Unlike…


Michael Angarano (Kristen Stewart‘s Ex)
What a doofus this guy looks like. KStew (rightly) ditched her actor beau for the infinitely better Robert Pattinson and poor Michael seems to have been slayed by the monster known as Nobody Cares About You Anymore.


Luke Worrall (Kelly Osbourne‘s Ex)
You can’t really feel sorry for Luke’s new lack of status — Kelly broke off her engagement to this flat-iron loving male model after she caught him cheating on her… with a transvestiteMeanwhile, Kelly has rebounded with a slim new figure, hit TV show and new man. Advantage: Osbourne.


Doug Reinhardt (Paris Hilton‘s Ex)
The jetsetting heiress changes men almost as often as she changes underwear — haha, JK. She doesn’t wear any — and reality TV star Doug was apparently crushed when she ditched him for some other d-bag… and never heard from again.


Which other celebs have seemingly banished their ex to the Island of Lost Boys? And which of these jilted beaus would you be happy to date?