6 Stars Who Sparked Engagement Rumors & Never Denied Them

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E! News

E! News

Keeping an engagement on the DL is hard for anyone — who wouldn’t want to show off their ring?! But it’s especially tough for celebrities to keep things quiet when they’re constantly Snapchatting life updates, being followed by paparazzi, etc. Just one paparazzi shot of a diamond ring is enough to sell thousands of tabloids. Even Kim Kardashian took some time to carefully plan out the announcement of her engagement to Kanye West, and we all know how much she loves her social media!

Of course, that doesn’t mean it’s impossible to lay low post-proposal. Some celebs would rather let fans speculate than actually confirm or deny the rumors! We can’t really blame them — no matter how much a star loves publicity, there’s no way any Hollywood A-listers want fans to sneak into their weddings. Better to just let them find out after the fact! Check out these stars who may or may not be engaged right now: