11 Pairs of Celebrity Enemies That Publicly Got Over Their Feud

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Hollywood is surprisingly small. If you’re one to hold grudges, you better bet that you’ll see your enemy around. Whether it’s a mutual stroll on the red carpet or running into each other at an exclusive LA party, is it really worth it to spend all that effort hating each other?

For some stars, it’s easier to bury the hatchet. If you’ve had a fallout with your fellow superstar BFF or boyfriend (i.e. Joe Jonas and Demi Lovato or Taylor Swift and, like, half of Hollywood), it can be exhausting. It gets to a point where it’s easier to play nice than constantly having the press ask why you and your fellow foe are fighting. Plus, who needs all those bad vibes?

Whether they had a mega friendship falling out or never got along in the first place. these 11 pairs of feuding stars decided it was time to let bygones be bygones and publicly got over their feud: