Celebrities That Look Like Characters from Ice Age: Continental Drift

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It’s pretty common for celebs to be compared to each other, especially in the looks department. Zooey Deschanel and Katy Perry are definitely long-lost twins, and we still can’t get over how much Sarah Hyland resembles Mila Kunis! So, in honor of Ice Age: Continental Drift, we decided to find some of our fave celebs and honor them in a way that they proooobably never have been honored before — by comparing them to animated, prehistoric animals! Ya know. Like we did with celebrities and their Pokemon doppelgangers? So keep reading to see who we picked…

1. Ryan Beatty & Scrat
We clearly love Ryan just as much as the next gal, but we have to face facts here — his teeth are kinnnnda big. But, in a totally-cute Scrat-like kinda way.

Whosay/ Twentieth Century Fox

2. Nathan Sykes & Sid
LOL! Could this get anymore perfect? Kudos to the fan who made Nathan take a pic with a Sid cut-out because their resemblance is almost freaky. In a cute way, of course.

Tumblr/ Twentieth Century Fox

3. Shia LaBeouf & Manny
Shia, Shia, Shia. Why must you grow your hair and beard long and look like a homeless person? You’re so much cuter when you’re well-groomed! As a punishment for being hairy, we compare you to a wooly mammoth. #sorrynotsorry

WENN/ Twentieth Century Fox

4. Ariana Grande & Steffie
Like Ariana, Steffie’s look simply isn’t complete with some sort of hair accessory. Gotta stay extra-girly at all times, obvs.

WENN/ Twentieth Century Fox

5. Nicki Minaj & Shira
Nicki (who actually voices Steffie in the flick!) and Shira’s similarities def come from their eyes. The two love the heavy eye-makeup and own the squinty-glare that could take a man down!

WENN/ Twentieth Century Fox

6. Jedward & Crash and Eddie
Jedward are twins who are known for always having a good time, so being compared to high-energy possums is a compliment, right? Totally.

WENN/ Twentieth Century Fox

7. Louis Tomlinson & Louis
With their big eyes and child-like (aka super cute) faces, the fact that these two share a name (although pronounced differently) is small chops when it comes to similarities. Maybe it is something about the name, but we want to hug both of these cuties and never let go. Ever.

WENN/ Twentieth Century Fox

Ice Age is out now! Which lookalike did we nail head-on? Can you think of any other celebs who look like Ice Age characters?

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