10 Celebrity Couples That Decided to End Their Marriage in 2017

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2017 has proven to be quite a spectacular year for celebrity couples: Mandy Moore & Taylor Goldsmith got engaged; Alison Brie & Dave Franco tied the knot; Ian Somerhalder & Nikki Reed welcomed their first child… A banner year, really.

But, for every beautiful and momentous occasion this year there was an equally… NOT-so-beautiful and momentous occasion. You know what we’re talking about: divorce.

We know that 2016 was awful for famous twosomes — like… Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie separated! — but 2017 was BRUTAL to some of the most high-profile married couples. Take Chris Pratt & Anna Faris, for instance — they were #couplegoals up until this past summer. And how about Josh Duhamel & Fergie? They were together for years, but couldn’t make it work.

Should we all simply give up on love? It mustn’t exist if Chris & Anna couldn’t make it work, right? We’re sure those thoughts have crossed your mind… but we’re still holdin’ out hope (mostly due to Sarah Michelle Gellar & Freddie Prinze Jr. They’ve been together for 15 years, and still seem to be so in love). So, we’re gonna say, no, don’t give up on love… but still feel free to shed a few tears while peering through this list of celebrity couples that decided to end their marriage in 2017: