10 Crazy Celeb Themed Easter Eggs

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Have you ever wondered what you may look like with your face painted on an egg? Yeah, we didn’t think so…the egg-shaped head isn’t exactly a thing. But with Easter just one week away, we went on the prowl for eggs that weren’t decorated with the boring typical blue and pink dye. These guys have celebs on ’em! Hilarious and impressive…

The egg shape really works to Snooki’s advantage, making her poof extra poofy.

50 Year Plan

Prince William and Kate Middleton
It looks like these two had a little too much cake after their wedding.

Painted by John Lamuran

Randy Jackson, Jennifer Lopez, and Steven Tyler
We can totally tell it’s Randy and Tyler, but the egg shape isn’t working too well for Ms. Lopez. Double chin much?

Painted by John Lamuran

The Kardashian Sisters
Even as eggs, these sisters manage to stay fashionable!


Eddie Murphy
We love that Eddie’s standing next to his alter ego, Donkey. “…and in the morning, I’m making waffles.”

Painted by John Lamuran

Katy Perry
Well… she does rock her red polka dotted bikini better than anyone else.

50 Year Plan

Adam Lambert
Adam is one of the only men that can pull off glitter and boas, even in food form.

AOL Music

Amy Winehouse
The hair, the makeup, the jewels, the cigarette… this egg embodies the late Amy perfectly.

BBC Radio - Painted by Michelle and Jodie in Grimsby

Mariah Carey
Mariah took the whole celebrity Easter egg thing a bit too literal. Instead of Mariah’s face painted on an egg, she painted an egg on herself. Hey, whatever works.


Lady Gaga
Come on. Gaga set herself up for that one.

50 Year Plan

Which of these Easter eggs do you love? Think any of them could use some improvement?

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