Celebs Who “Died” in 2011

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What is up with Twitter the world today? It seems that more and more frequently, especially this year, celebs seem to fall victim to death hoaxes. Yesterday, after a foreign dictator with a similar name passed away, rapper Lil Kim mysteriously “passed away” according to social networks. Likewise, New Year’s Eve actor (and rockstar legend) Jon Bon Jovi “died” yesterday after being found in a coma in his hotel room in NJ. Pretty detailed stuff, don’tchya think? So to make light of these where-the-eff-did-they-come-from situations (alright, and to kinda jump on the bandwagon), we picked the biggest celeb “deaths” of 2011, and put our own twist on ’em.

DISCLAIMER: We do not, in any way, think death is funny. This post is to meant to take already ridic rumors, and make them even more absurd. That is all.

Jaden Smith
Alleged Cause of Death: Snowboard accident in Switzerland, March 2011
A More Believable Cause: He pulls a muscle trying to do a high kick in a gym on his own.
He can’t get up and no one finds him, so he ultimately starves to death.

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Lady Gaga
Alleged Cause of Death: Unknown reason in her hotel room, December 2011
A More Believable Cause: To outdo herself and her crazy costumes, Gaga consumes herself in a cocoon before an awards show and suffocates due to lack of airholes.


Justin Bieber
Alleged Cause of Death: Overdose, car accident, syphillis, 2010-2011
A More Believable Cause: An evil Belieber said if she couldn’t have him, no one could.
So she kills him on his way to his limo.


Britney Spears
Alleged Cause of Death: Car crash with Justin Timberlake, June 2011
A More Believable Cause: Brit Brit attempts to dance and shave her head at the same time, accidentally nicks herself with the razor and causes massive bleeding.

Lil Wayne
Alleged Cause of Death: Fatal car crash, August 2011
A More Believable Cause: While spitting out lyrics in a rap battle with some other Young Money entertainers, Weezy effs up on some of his curse words and chokes on his own tongue.

Lindsay Lohan
Alleged Cause of Death: Unknown but “confirmed” by Kim Kardashian, July 2011
A More Believable Cause: Okay, so we could be really detailed about this one.
But we’ll leave it to your own imagination as to how LiLo’s imminent death will play out.

Avril Lavigne
Alleged Cause of Death: Snowboard accident, January 2011
A More Believable Cause: She couldn’t stand hanging around BF Brody Jenner‘s krazy fam, so she offs herself.

Hilary Duff
Alleged Cause of Death: Fell off a cliff, August 2011
A More Believable Cause: The pregnancy was too much for her petite body,
so she collapses from the weight and hits her head on the ground. Hard.

Did you believe it when you heard the news that these celebs died? Which rumor was the most bizarre? What do you think any of the above stars would actually die of? Tell us in the comments, por favor. We wanna hear!

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