8 Big-Name Celebrities Whose Dad Cheated on Their Mom

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If you’ve been cheated on before, you know there’s nothing worse than that kind of betrayal. We wouldn’t wish the feeling on anyone, and it breaks our hearts every time we hear from stars like Zendaya and Luke Hemmings, who know what it feels like to a have a S.O. be unfaithful. Whether a victim of this ultimately chooses to forgive and forget, or break it off for good, finding out a partner has been seeing someone else can leave you questioning everything. But what would happen if you found out that someone you love had been cheated on instead? And worse yet, that the person who did the cheating was also close to your heart? Talk about a sticky situation.

Unfortunately, that’s been the case for stars like Miley Cyrus and Beyonce, among others. At one time or another — sometimes before they were born or even well into adulthood — the below celebs have had to face the fact that they might not have faithful fathers. Rumors ran rampant about some of these dads not being faithful to their wives and public confessions were made by others. While many of the cases ended in reconciliation, others ended in divorce.

We’ve all read the tabloids that claims stars are “just like us,” and there is no greater example of this than in real-life dramatic situations. Even if your parents are still together and happier than ever, all of these examples just go to show that our fave stars have to deal with the hard stuff, too. And they do it all while in the spotlight. So take a look at how each of these celebrities handled their father betraying their mother and remind yourself that even famous fams have their problems.