11 Things Everyone’s Said About Their Celebrity Crush

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The thing about having a celebrity crush is that you just have to love them from afar. It’s also the craziest kind of obsession, because you’re definitely not the only one with your sights set on that celeb; you’re basically sharing them with the whole world, forever and ever.

That’s why we’re positive that we’re not alone in having said these 11 things about our celebrity crushes. We know that you have too — because everyone has!

1. “He’s literally flawless.” No one knows how it’s possible that a person could be born without flaws, but this one was.

Beyonce Wake Up Flawless

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2. “No one in my real life measures up.” The sad truth.

Michael Fassbender Not Impressed

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3. “Ugh, I hate his new girlfriend. Because it should be meee!”

4. “I saw someone who looked like him today and had a small heart attack.” It’s a daily struggle, seeing people who you think are your celeb crush all over the place.

5. “I went to bed late last night because I was up watching his interviews on YouTube.” Otherwise known as a trip down the endless rabbit hole. We’ve all been there.

Penny Big Bang Theory I Need Help

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6. “Thanks to his parents for making such a beautiful human. He truly couldn’t have done it without them.”

7. “I wish he’d follow me back already. This love shouldn’t be a one-way street.”

Adele Fingers Crossed

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8. “We would look so cute together,” said every one of his fans, ever.

9. “I would have his babies in a heartbeat.” Especially if they’d come out half as cute as him.

10. “He’s totally on my celebrity freebie list” a.k.a. “If ever I got the chance to hook up with him, the guy I’m in a relationship with would have to understand that it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity and give me the go-ahead.”

11. “We’re married, he just doesn’t know it yet.” He will soon, though.

Suite Life of Zack and Cody Brenda Song Married

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