The 8 Most Random Celebrity Thefts Ever

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So we all know that celebrities have The. Coolest. Stuff. Ever. And, hey, it’s hard to not covet what their hard-earned bucks buy. But, here’s the flip side: We don’t have to deal with theft the same way that celebs do (in which even their biggest fans would do anything to get a piece of them — even stealing their property!). So without further ado, we’re counting down the 8 most random celebrity thefts of all time, starting with:

8. Kim Kardashian’s “Personal Items”
Can you imagine the horror of checking your luggage at the airport, only to get it back with your special items missing? That’s exactly what happened to Kim K, who had her bags broken into after a British Airways flight in May 2012. Kim even called the employee(s) out on Twitter, saying:

As far as we know, the items were never recovered…


7. will.i.am’s “Deloreon”
If ’80s kids had to name their dream car, it’d definitely be a Deloreon à la Back to the Future — but will.i.am probably wasn’t thinking that someone would just drive off with his! The Black Eyed Peas singer was attending a party for his new album back in August after parking his car around the corner from the event. When he went to get it back — poof! — it was gone.

Luckily, thanks to the hard work of Twitter’s detectives and the tag #wheresmycar, will.i.am was able to get his car back (without the use of time travel).


6. Justin Bieber’s Back License Plate
It isn’t hard to spot Bieber’s chromed-out Fisker — ya know, the one he was cited for speeding in — seeing as how it’s the flashiest car on the planet. But who would steal it’s back license plate?! You’d think a thief would steal something that wouldn’t get their fave celeb in trouble with the law (and we’re pretty sure JB would like to avoid further interactions with the cops, too).


5. Joe Jonas’ Bicycle
There are some days when a day goes from bad to worse, just like Joe Jonas found out back in April of this year when “his lady” (AKA his bike) was taken away from him.

After finding his bike missing, Joe took himself to get some ice cream as consolation — only for it to fall on the ground!

And while Joe didn’t find the bike, we hope he was able to find a suitable replacement (and a better scoop!).

4. Audrina Patridge’s Custom-Fit Jeans
Long before The Bling Ring was conceived as a movie, this group was terrorizing the homes of Hollywood’s power players in 2009. After hitting the homes of Rachel Bilson, Paris Hilton, and Orlando Bloom, the group set their sights on Audrina’s abode — even making off with her custom-made denim! Now who would want to steal a pair of jeans that wouldn’t even fit them?


3. Adele Stole Katy Perry’s Half-Eaten Burrito
Back when Katy was playing smaller shows, she remembers one hungry mouth that she never intended to feed being backstage — Adele’s! Katy says that Adele was amazed that someone had managed to find a burrito in England, and, when Katy wasn’t looking, made off with the half-eaten treat! There are those times when you have to run for the border, but maybe Adele could have just asked Katy for a bite?


2. Justin Bieber’s Hat
You know you have all the luck when you end up on this list twice. This time, the Biebs was being escorted through a New Zealand airport when two fans ‘napped his cap! The fans felt remorseful enough to return it to him — or was it just an excuse to meet Justin in the first place? Hmm…

1. The Jonas Brothers‘ Underwear
Perhaps Kim Kardashian should count her lucky stars, because the JoBros’ luggage was missing the most personal items they had — their undies!  At first the group thought it was a harmless backstage prank when their boxers began disappearing from their dressing rooms. But the boys decided to step up security after notes began appearing in their suitcases after the thefts, which read, “Your undies are safe with us… The Undie Snatchers!” (Because, yeah, that’s totally not creepy.) So whoever you are Undie Snatchers, it seems you’re STILL at large!


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