8 Celebrity Couples That Actually Broke Up Before Getting Married

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Relationships in Hollywood can be tricky. Despite all of the breakups and make-ups — and even engagements that took some of our favorite stars off the market — many celebrity couples never end up making it down the aisle. So, is the possibility of love in the entertainment industry doomed?

Most likely… no. In spite of how many hardships, tabloid rumors, scandals and public splits we’ve witnessed over the years, celebrity couples have managed to not always end on a sour note. Some of them actually do make it down the aisle! (Whether their marriage actually lasts as long as you may hope is another story.) But, basically, love IS possible for celebrity couples — even after they’ve publicly split.

So, can lost celebrities couples like Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens actually end up getting married? What about Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams?! These are the couples that have given us hope: