15 Celebrity Couples That Started Dating When It Was Illegal

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Who doesn’t love LOVE? Okay, there are probably some humbugs out there who aren’t fans of love, but that’s not you, so it’s fine. When it comes to romance, celebrity couples are our favorite relationships to keep track of. All of the new couples in 2015 gave us all the feels and if they actually last until half way through 2016, it would make our hearts swoon.

That being said, some celebrity couples have their fair share of issues. Whether it’s the couples that broke up before getting married or the ones that get engaged, break up and then get back together, all relationships have their issues. The creepiest problem, however, is when one star is underage and, therefore, the romance is ILLEGAL (in a lot of areas; obvs, there are some exceptions to the rules LAWS). And that happens way more often than you think…