10 Celebrity Couples That Powered Through Cheating Scandals

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When you’re in a relationship, there are lots of things that may seem drastic and terrible to outsiders, but that you see as merely an unfortunate part of the package that comes with your loved one. For some couples, that thing is being cheated on. While there will always be couples that broke up immediately after an alleged infidelity crept up on their relationship, the ones that are the most intriguing are those who did the opposite: who put their heads down and just weathered the storm… together. (The second-most interesting kind of couple is the kind who breaks up because of cheating, but then finds their way back to one another, eventually.)

The tabloids may have been printing cheating scandal after cheating scandal about their relationships and some of the rumors may have ACTUALLY been true. However, these ten celebrity couples didn’t let a scandal stand in the way of their true love… at least for a little while:

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