20 Celebrity Couples That Started Dating When One Was Still Married

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Just because someone pops the question and, therefore, two people get engaged doesn’t mean they’ll end up actually walking down the aisle. Zayn Malik & Perrie Edwards, Big Sean & Naya Rivera, Tyler Posey & Seana Gorlick, etc. are all examples of celebrities who called off their engagements, proving that notion. And, if you do manage to walk down the aisle, it doesn’t mean you’re going to spend the rest of your lives together (even though that’s what marriage is supposed to mean, but whatever); celebrities have proven that as well.

In some cases, some celebrities even start dating another special someone before their marriage to someone else is completely over. And, if you don’t think that happens often, you’d be dead wrong. Off the top of our heads, we could think of TWENTY celebrity couples that started out while one was still married — and that’s not even including flings; we’re talking full-blown relationships kicking off when the ink hasn’t even dried on the paperwork from their previous relaysh. Yikes!