13 Celebrities Who Refuse to Discuss Their Famous Relationships

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Chatter about celebrity relationships is basically the lifeblood of Hollywood interviews. Sure, we’d love to hear about how magical their latest project is and all of the wonderful people who helped them make it that way. But, really, if we don’t get at least a few seconds in about their latest romantic conquests, then was there really an interview at all?

We’d be inclined to give that question a hard “no,” but the evidence shows that there are a whole ton of celebrities who completely refuse to discuss their relationships at all, be it in an interview, on social media or via mass telepathy. We haven’t encountered any celebrities who have outright refused to engage in that last one, but we’re assuming that if the first two are off of the table, then so is the last one. (We’ll keep you updated, though.) But what we HAVE come across are these 13 super-private celebrities who have never said a peep about the details of their romantic lives in the press, and we don’t expect that they ever will: