10 Adorable Couples That Met Because of Musical.ly

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Dating is never easy and it can be especially hard with the whole world watching your every move“mainstream” celebs and those who gained fame online). Musical.ly has made a lot of matches, but unfortunately they haven’t all been gems…

For example, one of the most popular Musers, Loren Beech, briefly dated Juwany Roman (A.K.A. Flamingeos) and even though they looked cute AF in photos posted during the relaysh — post-breakup revelations made it known that behind closed doors, the coupling was pretty effed up! Basically, the 14-year-old mentioned that her ex had been very controlling and often told her she could and could not wear! What’s even more disturbing is that the 17-year-old guy admitted it like it was NBD! Ugh. While obvs that excludes them from our “adorable” couples list (emotional abuse is NOT cute), there are 10 other musical.ly relationships that give us hope that true love exists and it can be found on social media apps.