12 Celebrity Couples That Got Matching Tattoos… But Broke Up After

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Getting a tattoo to prove your love might seem like a romantic idea, but at the same time, it’s not exactly the smartest move. There are actually a TON of other romantic ways to show how you feel.Like, whatever happened to good ol’ flowers and some nice jewelry? Why should anyone feel the need to permanently ink their skin, especially when they run the risk of regretting that decision after a breakup?

We’ll probably never understand the answers to those questions, but it seems like getting matching tattoos is still a steady trend and people just never seem to learn. (Sarah Hyland and Dom Sherwood, though still dating, got coordinating ink one month into their relationship!) There are a lot of celebrity couples that got matching tattoos only to call it quits soon after, so most of them either had to get them redesigned and covered, or just get them removed altogether. What a hassle! See which celebrities got matching ink then split: